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          • Sydney Weekender
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          • Great destinations, great food and great deals. Celebrating the best of NSW with host Mike Whitney and his team of reporters.
          • Genre: Lifestyle
          • Classification: G
          • Starring: Mike Whitney
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          • Saturday 05 Sep, 12:30 pm - 1:00 pm - 7TWO
          • Sydney Weekender - (repeat) Lifestyle | G
        • <b>Sydney</b> <b>Weekender</b> with Mike Whitney

          Sydney Weekender with Mike Whitney

          Yahoo7 TV4/6/2015 03:06

          Sydney Weekender airs on Sundays at 530pm on Seven in Sydney only. But for the rest of the states its on 1230pm Saturday on 7TWO except Perth.

        • Sally Obermeder

          Sally Obermeder

          The Daily Edition4/9/2014 05:09

          Sally Obermeder is the co-host of Channel 7’s The Daily Edition.

        • Melissa Hoyer

          Melissa Hoyer

          The Morning Show12/6/2011 14:06