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        • Valentine's Day

          Valentine's Day

          Yahoo!714/2/2013 08:02

          So Valentine's Day has come and gone, but we are still in the mood for a bit of celebrating!

        • It's Platypus Day!

          It's Platypus Day!

          Saturday Disney4/4/2013 02:04

          Now that we've finished celebrating Easter, it's time to celebrate another animal! The one and only Perry the Platypus!

        • <b>Jake</b> <b>and</b> <b>the</b> <b>Never</b> <b>Land</b> <b>Pirates</b>

          Jake and the Never Land Pirates

          Yahoo!723/5/2013 02:05

          Come set sail on the Good Ship Bucky and set a course with Jake and the Never Land pirates!

        • Creepy Crawlies!

          Creepy Crawlies!

          Yahoo!727/2/2013 02:02

          What do you call a nervous insect? A jitterbug! But there are no jitterbugs in the Disney house this week - all the creepy crawlies on our show are happy to be there!

        • Lemonade! Get your Lemonade!

          Lemonade! Get your Lemonade!

          Yahoo!77/4/2013 22:04

          We've all heard the saying "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade" Well this week we just so happen to be doing that!

        • Get your buzzers ready!

          Get your buzzers ready!

          Saturday Disney8/3/2013 00:03

          Get ready to find yourselves a suitable buzzer and be at the ready for the greatest game show ever! Ok, maybe that's a slight overstatement...

        • Austin <b>and</b> Ally!

          Austin and Ally!

          Saturday Disney19/3/2013 23:03

          I can't believe Easter is almost upon us! I am still finding candy canes stuffed down the couch!

        • <b>The</b> Saturday Disney Factor!

          The Saturday Disney Factor!

          Saturday Disney2/5/2013 23:05

          Coming to you live this Saturday morning is the Saturday Disney Factor! A show that celebrates all types of talents!

        • Easter is here!

          Easter is here!

          Yahoo!727/3/2013 04:03

          Easter is here already! Chocolate and a few days off to enjoy with family and friends; what more could you ask for from a holiday?

        • Hidden Talents

          Hidden Talents

          Yahoo!722/2/2013 04:02

          Nathan has been told many times (by his mum) that he's a triple threat, so he's decided to audition for music school.