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          • Fairly Legal
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          • ... Francisco woman who leaves her job as a lawyer to become a mediator following the death of her dad, who headed a law firm. Fairly Legal is an energetically...
          • Genre: Drama
          • Classification: M
          • Starring: Sarah Shahi, Michael Trucco, Virginia Williams, Baron Vaughn, Ryan Johnson
        • Region:
          • Saturday 01 Aug, 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm - Seven
          • My Girl - (repeat) Family | PG
        • Episode 1 - "The Prodigal daughter"

          Episode 1 - "The Prodigal daughter"

          Yahoo!715/4/2013 02:04

          Returning to Sydney after twenty years in Europe, nurse Sarah Adams becomes entangled in the lives of wealthy Australian pastoralist family, the Blighs.

        • EPISODE 5 – “Day of Atonement”

          EPISODE 5 – “Day of Atonement”

          Yahoo!723/5/2013 02:05

          The holiest day in the Jewish calendar, Yom Kippur, is fast approaching. It’s a time for Sarah to reflect on her conduct - to repent her own failings and forgive others for theirs.

        • A Place To Call Home

          A Place To Call Home

          Yahoo!722/4/2013 06:04

          The story of a mysterious woman perched between the harsh legacy of World War II and the hope of a new life in Australia and of a wealthy family forced by her to embrace the winds of social change.

        • Episodes 5256-5260

          Episodes 5256-5260

          Home & Away17/3/2011 00:03

          Elijah and Grace struggle with Thabo’s death, Roo returns to Summer Bay and Dex’s latest blog is a hit.

        • Episodes 5381-5385

          Episodes 5381-5385

          Home & Away15/9/2011 03:09

          A massive storm hits the Bay, Tegan is killed, Gypsy returns and Charlie is shot!

        • Episodes 5376-5380

          Episodes 5376-5380

          Home & Away9/9/2011 06:09

          A massive storm hits the Bay, Tegan is killed, Gypsy returns and Charlie is shot!

        • Sasha Bezmel

          Sasha Bezmel

          Home & Away29/8/2011 04:08

          Played by Demi Harman

        • Episodes 5226-5230

          Episodes 5226-5230

          Home & Away10/2/2011 03:02

          Will confesses to the murder of Penn Graham and toxic chemicals leave Xavier and April unconscious.

        • Tamara Kingsley

          Tamara Kingsley

          Home & Away7/5/2013 07:05

          Played by Kelly Paterniti

        • Toddler’s reaction to Lion King <b>death</b> scene <b>becomes</b> internet hit

          Toddler’s reaction to Lion King death scene becomes internet hit

          Sunrise14/4/2015 02:04

          Anyone who has seen The Lion King will surely agree that it contains one of the most tear-jerking scenes in all of Disney history.