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          • Tuesday 01 Sep, 2:25 am - 3:20 am - SBS
          • Coppers - I Prefer Jazz and Folk Music - (repeat) Documentary | M
          • Tuesday 01 Sep, 2:25 am - 3:20 am - SBS HD
          • Coppers - I Prefer Jazz and Folk Music - (repeat) Documentary | M
          • Sunday 06 Sep, 11:01 pm - 12:01 am - ABC
          • Silk - (repeat) Drama | M
        • Episode 5

          Episode 5

          The Amazing Race Australia25/6/2012 12:06

          Zap- Kapow- Booom!!!! Crikey Batman, the last eight teams have totally snapped. There’s rivalry, as Boofhead is finally unleashed. There's smackdowns, hot buttons at boiling point AND the coppers get lost AGAIN!!!

        • Episode 2

          Episode 2

          The Amazing Race Australia6/6/2012 14:06

          India, oh India, you've done it again. All 11 teams had to be on high alert to navigate through 13 million people (!) to their next challenge. That's almost three times the size of Sydney or Melbourne, with no road rules as our perceptive coppers pointed out.

        • Episode 3

          Episode 3

          The Amazing Race Australia14/6/2012 12:06

          Tempers cracked, vendettas planned, Aussies on L-Plates and Psychoballs Paul’s rocking the pots in the extraordinary city of Jaipur.

        • Episode 8

          Episode 8

          The Amazing Race Australia16/7/2012 12:07

          Episode 8 EXPLODES with parties, puzzles and puking – plus, Joseph and Grace get slammed with a well-deserved two hour time punishment for Taxigate.

        • Episode 6

          Episode 6

          The Amazing Race Australia2/7/2012 12:07

          What a sensational leg this week and SO FRANTIC for all teams. There’s INTERSECTIONS, YIELDS and soapy, steamy, Slip-and-Slide soap moments. Turkey certainly delivers eye-boggling moments!

        • Episode 4

          Episode 4

          The Amazing Race Australia20/6/2012 12:06

          Yee Ha! This week's episode is packed with dash, splash, crash, an almost-arresting moment for little Italy sisters Lucy and Emilia.