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        • <b>A</b>.<b>N</b>.<b>T</b> <b>Farm</b>

          A.N.T Farm

          Yahoo!77/5/2012 02:05

          Chyna Parks is an 11-year-old musical prodigy who attends a high school as part of the prestigious A.N.T. program.

        • Question of the Week (Saturday 19th May)

          Question of the Week (Saturday 19th May)

          Yahoo!726/5/2012 00:05

          What's your favourite Saturday Disney show and why? Click here to see the best responses...

        • Disney had a little <b>farm</b>…

          Disney had a little farm

          Yahoo!710/9/2012 07:09

          How many Disney hosts does it take to milk a cow? THREE!! That’s right, this week we are headed to a farm to do all sorts of jobs – and milking cows is just the start of it!

        • Do The Robot!

          Do The Robot!

          Saturday Disney5/6/2012 07:06

          Have you ever wondered what it would be like to make a robot? We're making our own robots out of whatever we find around the place this Saturday!

        • Creepy Crawlies!

          Creepy Crawlies!

          Yahoo!727/2/2013 02:02

          What do you call a nervous insect? A jitterbug! But there are no jitterbugs in the Disney house this week - all the creepy crawlies on our show are happy to be there!

        • Mother's Day

          Mother's Day

          Saturday Disney7/5/2012 05:05

          Mother's Day is this Sunday. Have you got your mum's present sorted? Well we've got an awesome gift idea that's really easy to make and will definitely impress your mum!

        • A Very Sweet Saturday

          A Very Sweet Saturday

          Saturday Disney17/5/2012 02:05

          Do you love rocky road? Well the weekend just got sweeter because we’re going to show you how simple it is to make. All you need is chocolate and your favourite sweets!

        • Roll Up! Roll Up!

          Roll Up! Roll Up!

          Yahoo!72/4/2014 02:04

          What a show we have for you this Saturday morning! Nathan, Candice and Teigan aim to be the best ringmasters - bringing you a morning of fun and excitement!

        • Ice Magic

          Ice Magic

          Yahoo!725/6/2012 06:06

          Get your winter woollies on because we're bringing you this week's show from the ice rink. Cheer us on during the Saturday Disney Ice Challenge.

        • It's Cold Outside!

          It's Cold Outside!

          Saturday Disney7/8/2014 05:08

          There is a snow-storm brewing outside the Disney House this Saturday morning!! I think we’re gonna be snowed in!